The Ravens Call Book

In the midst of life we are in change. The one thing we can trust is that there will be change, and it may often be our ability to deal with it that defines us.

There is no secret system or ancient codebook which shows us how to deal with personal loss and challenging change - no ‘quick fix’ guide. All we have is our individual common sense and our instinct to survive.

However any change also has its cycle of seasons, just as the year does. In the Raven’s Call we bring together both of these ideas through a cycle of stories, articles, poetry, images and personal reminiscence. Using this series of themes and animals to mark the eight seasons of change, the reader is taken from darkness to light, from hiding to emergence, and from pain to the healing of distant memory. You may choose simply to appreciate each section in its own right, but should you wish so, there are also a series of visualisations, to be undertaken singly or as a sequence, which may bring further enlightenment or healing, or which you may simply enjoy in their own right.

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